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Pakse restaurants, food and drinks

Daolin Restaurant
Add: Rte 13, Pakse, Laos
Price: mains 20,000-30,000K
Opening hours: 6.30am-10pm
Catching any whisper of a breeze (you'll be lucky!),
open-air Daolin is run by lovely people attentive to your preferred levels of spiciness. Breakfast, lunch and dinner expect a spectrum of nicely executed Vietnamese, Thai,
Lao and Western dishes, among them: sandwiches, steak, salad, spicy chicken with lemongrass, sundaes...and many more.
Banlao Boat restaurant
Add: Th 11, Pakse, Laos
Price: mains 40,000-80,000K
Opening hours: 8am -11pm
The best of several floating restaurants on the Mekong, Banlao has a reliable menu of Laotian favourites in addition to worldly offerings like Peking Duck and German pork knuckles, plus exotic fare like ants' eggs for audacious eaters. The main draw is the river setting.
Lankham Noodle shop
Add: under the Lankham Hotel, Rte 13, Pakse, Laos
Price: noodles 15,000-25,000K
Opening hours: 7am-10pm
Located under the Lankham Hotel, this is a safe and
popular place for noodles and soup. Service can be indifferent to the point of being rude, but the soups are
worth the struggle. 
Le Panorama Restaurant
Add: Th 5, Pakse, Laos
Price: mains 30,000-70,000K
Opening hours: 4.30-10pm
The rooftop restaurant of the Pakse Hotel serves up delicious Franco-Asian cuisine and unbeatable 360-degree city views. The menu includes T-bone steak, duck and a succulent Ъah neung het hŏrm (stuffed fish)
Mengky Noodle shop
Add: Rte 13, , Pakse, Laos
Price: eals 8000-15,000K
Opening hour: 7am-10pm
Mengky is justly famous for its duck for breakfasts.
Champady Cafe
Add: Pakse, Laos
Price: mains 15,000-35,000K
Opening hours: 7am-9pm
Set in a French-era building, the Champady has an extensive menu of Thai and Laotian dishes, coffees and desserts such as sweet sticky rice with mango (10,000K).
Jamine  Restaurant
Add: Rte 13, Pakse, Laos
Price: mains 20,000-30,000K
Opening hours: 8am-10pm
In all the years we've sampled Jasmine, it's never been
less than bulging with happy customers. Veggies delight over dishes like green peas masala and aloo bhaiga (eggplant and potatoes), while the sizzling chicken tikka masala is so tasty you'll be wiping the bowl with the pillow-soft naan. Eat in or out.
Hasan Restaurant
Add: Th24, Pakse, Laos
Opening hours: 7am-10pm
 Another Indian restaurant with Malaysian touches, the owner previously cooked for a high-end Vientiane hotel.

Xuan Mai Restaurant
Add: Th 5, Pakse, Laos
Prices: mains 18,000-30,000K
Opening hours: 6am-11.30pm
Super-fresh Vietnamese-run Xuan Mai serves freshly prepared fĕr (rice noodles), năam néuang (pork balls), kòw Ъûn (white flour noodles with sweet-spicy sauce), mekong fish, spring rolls, fruit shakes and even garlic bread. The house lahp (meat salad) is full of zing too. Eat in or out, and if you have time take one of its cooking classes.
                                                                    WESTERN FOOD RESTAURANTS
Na dao Restaurant
Add: cnr Th 38 & Rte 16W, Pakse, Laos
Tel: +856 31 255558
Price: mains 30,000-180,000K
Opening hours: 11am-1.30pm & 6.30-10pm Mon-Sat
Fine French dining has arrived in Pakse. Exiled from Vientiane, the owners migrated south to bring their cultured cuisine to southern Laos. Moorish moments include a salmon and sea bass carpaccio, Paksong goose with olives and a five-course menu degustation (185,000K).
Katuad Cafe
Add: Rte 13, Pakse, Laos
Price: mains 15,000-25,000K
Opening hours: 7am-8.30pm
This simple cafe does a good trade with Western breakfasts, sandwiches, hamburgers and ice cream, as well as stir fries and spicy salads. Great coffee and fruit shakes.
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