9 Specialty Dishes Of Can Tho

Can Tho located in the centre of southwest Vietnam’s fertile Mekong delta land, producing an amazing variety of fruits, vegetables, meat and fish which are the basis of the many regional specialties. Most ingredients used in Can Tho’s specialty dishes are produced locally, such as the sticky rice, types of beans and local vegetables. The “cakes” in this area are truly great. Although they are more of a snack than a full meal, anyone visiting Can Tho should not miss the chance to try them.
Locating in the center of southwest fertile delta land, Can Tho is famous for delicious foods which attract a great number of tourists to this area.
1.  Tet cake

The most delicious Tet cake is made by Huynh family in Binh Thuy, Can Tho. They have made Tet cake more unique by cooking “ cam” leaves to get purple water mixed with sticky rice and coconut milk, pork, salted duck eggs. It takes four to five hours to cook Tet cake. Tourists who wish to try this specialty can reach Xuan Khanh, An Thoi, Mit Nai markets for purchasing as gift.
2.  Cai Rang roast spring roll

Spring rolls dishes are popular everywhere in Vietnam. However, local spring roll dishes bring unique flavor associated with local human and land. Cai Rang spring roll is made of fresh pork and grilled on hot coals. Similar to other dishes, the South favors bay leaves rolling “trang” cake. Cai Rang spring roll should be eaten together with bay leaves, banana, cucumber, pineapple,  starfruit. Tourist should not miss this specialty with slim rice paper roll and sweet bean paste or lemon garlic sauce with peppers when visiting Can Tho.

3.  Roast sticky banana

This is special rustic dishes which is purchased from street vendors. Can Tho banana is small, delicious with brown crispy outside layer.

4.   Baked Snail with pepper

Snails are boiled, then grilled on fire coal. Just give ready-made sauce with pepper, garlic into it. When water is boiling up inside the snails, pouring into plate of fragrant polygonum.
5.  Cong Cake

Cong cake is popular, cheap and delicious. Once trying this dishes, tourist will experience unforgettable taste and flavor. Local people often enjoy it as extra meal in the late afternoon. The main ingredients are flour, green bean and shrimp. There are some steps for preparations. Green bean is well cooked without broken. Minced pork is fried with green bean. Finally, adding a little salt and seasoning. Cong cake should be used with sweet and sour sauce, lettuce, mango slices, mustard, basil. What a flavor and colorful dish!
6.  Tam Bi Cake

Tam Bi cake’s taste is special with coconut milk, pickles, vegetables . Local people have it at breakfast.
7.  Hoi cake – roast pork Phong Dien

Visiting Phong Dien, Can Tho in a day trip tour to be a farmer harvesting vegetables, gardening, boating and fishing, do not miss to drop Minh Canh garden house to enjoy “hoi” cake,roast pork.
“Hoi” cake is made of rice flour, eaten with roast pork, bay leaves, spicy sweet and sour sauce.
8.  “Xeo” cake

Rice flour is mixed with coconut milk, turmeric for yellow color and a few fresh scallions.  The main ingredients include shrimp, pork, sprout. “ Xeo” cake is served with vegetables such as broccoli, lettuce and herbs. Using hand instead of chopsticks for this dishes.
9.  “Ban Phu Sa” hot pot

The main ingredients for this hot pot are some types of fishes such as catfish, basa fish, dieu hong fish and turtles, crabs. In flood seasons, vegetables for this hot pot should be banana, lily.

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