Can Gio Mangrove Forest
About 50km in the southeast of Ho Chi Minh City, discover the highest diversity of flora and fauna species specific to the mangrove in Can Gio Forest.

Can Gio Mangrove Forest
is considered as the ‘green lungs’ of Ho Chi Minh City as it counterbalances its pollution. The 80.000 hectars of biological reserve is recognized as a UNESCO site since 2000. Can Gio Mangrove is a land of swamps created by the Saigon and Dong Nai Rivers.

There are no communities living in the principal area except a few fishermen operating traditional shrimp-trappers in some canals within the mangrove forest. A permanent population of almost 70.000 inhabitants lives in the transition zone of the biosphere reserve.

In Can Gio visit the museum to learn about the biodiversity living in the area, as well as some historic events related to this place.


Explore the Mangrove Forest Park Fauna Conservation Park and observe the saltwater crocodiles, wild cats, otters, pythons, deer, foxes and more than 700 wild monkeys, which are very playful and love to create contact with humans.
Take a canoe to visit Mangrove Forest Ecosystem and Rung Sac Guerilla Base.


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Can Gio Mangrove Forest


Can Gio Mangrove Forest
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