Top Things To Do In Vang Vieng

The old town is a piece of heaven surrounded by limestone karst hills, the Nam Song River and the jungle. Many activities can be done like tubing & kayaking down the Nam Song River, hiking in the hills, exploring the caves and admire the jungle scenery.

Tham Xang Cave

Explore the numerous caves 8 km only from Vang Vieng, explore the caves of the Tham Sang Triangle: four caves very close to each other and reachable by walk.

- Tham Hoi Cave (also known as Snail Cave)
The entrance to Tham Hoi is guarded by a large Buddha figure. The cave is said to be some four kilometers long.

- Tham Loup Cave
This cave has untouched stunning stalactites.

Tham Xang Cave

- Tham Xang Cave (also known as Elephant Cave)
Located in a scenic karst area to the northeast of Thakaek, Tham Xang is one of many famous caves known for its remarkable limestone formation and named after the elephant-shaped stalactite inside. The area surrounding offers beautiful scenery and from the view of the top of the cave entrance you can see the stretching Mekong River.

- Tham Nam Cave (also known as Water Cave)
Visitors can rent a tube and float inside Tham Nam Cave.

Another cave to discover in the surroundings of Vang Vieng is Tham Chang Cave (or Tham Jang Cave). It is one of the most important caves of Vang Vieng, situated on the Southern side of Vang Vieng. Tham Chang became the home for migrating people, who settled near the town’s southern Meuang Xong Village to grow vegetables. At the foot of the cave, crystal clear water runs out of the mountain into the river. From this cave, you can see beautiful views of the village and rice fields.

Kayak down the Nam Song River
Along a kayaking adventure on the Nam Song River, you can be overwhelmed by the enchanting scenery when the sun going down behind the mountains. Paddling is easy thanks to the current of the River.

Nam Song River

Swim in the Blue Lagoon
Vang Vieng has three wonderful blue lagoons where you can swim. The best period to enjoy the Blue Lagoon is during the dry season, when they have a beautiful azure color.

Blue Lagoon


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