Magical beauty of longest cave in Asia
Paradise cave - Thien Duong cave is newly found in Phong Nha – Ke Bang, Quang Binh province, Vietnam and assumed to be the largest and longest cave in Asia with the most beautiful and spectacular stalactite. Most of tourists are impressed by the amazing beauty of the limestone formation inside this cave.
Newly discovered in Quang Binh province Vietnam, Paradise cave (Thien Duong Cave) with 31 km in length and 150m width makes hundreds of tourists admire its fascinating and magnificent beauty.

Discovered in 2005, after 5 years of mining and paving the up and down way, Paradise cave has been opened to tourists since  September 3, 2010. It is assumed to be the longest dry cave in Asia with many amazingly magnificent stalactites.

The cave, which is 60km to the northwest of Dong Hoi city, locates in the centre of Phong Nha – Ke Bang forest in Son Trach, Quang Binh province, Vietnam. According to experts, Paradise cave is even more beautiful and magnificent than Phong Nha and Tien Son caves.

According to information given by local man named Ho Khanh, Paradise cave was discovered and attracted the attention of scientists, explorers and international community. “The British Cave Research Association” made an exploration trip and announcement about the cave. Report said the  length of the cave is 31,4km and the width varies approximately from 30 to 100m. The widest spot reaches 150m. The height from the bottom up ceiling is about 60m. Dr. Howard Limbert, a member of the association assumed that this cave might be the longest dry cave in Asia.
It is 7km from Ho Chi Minh trail (in the west) km 16 to the cave. The first 6km road is quite flat on the smooth ground, under the canopy layer of forests and cool winds blowing. The next 300m road is very tough and tourists have to climb up over the sharp rugged slope stones. Magnificent structure, magical and splendor beauty of the cave have made most of the tourists amazing. The mouth of the cave is around 9 square meter with soaring ceilings and spacious. Specially, there are two giant stalactite column with diameter of 5m high forming various shapes. The first part of the cave is a stone in tens of meters high and 100 meters wide. Paradise cave is unique for its stalactite columns. The most impressive one is a long stalactite mass on the cave base that looks like a sand table maquette.

The second part of the cave appears dozens of stalactite dock from 30 to 60 cm high on the ground in the shapes of the Buddha. There are big columns with diameter of 1-2m that look like the Goddess of Mercy
Paradise  cave ‘s stalactites form more diversified shapes than Phong Nha’s. Most of cave ground soil is soft, flexible and flat. The temperature inside the cave is between from 20 to 21 degree Celsius.  Just standing in front of the gate, tourist can feel every blast of cold wind blowing from cave upward.

The magic of the cave is embellished by fairies. A stalactite looks like the Rong house of the central highlands people. Walking in the cave and feeling every foot step, voice and laughters of visitors. Those sounds echoes and beat against the cliff.

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